The word “weird” came out a lot during Tamara and John’s wedding at the Alger House

First of all, they were already married. On 4/20. In Portland, Oregon. Second, check out their outfit. I never saw coolest boots and a coolest dress for a bride and groom.

But it is not until the 9 toasts were given that I really understood how “good weird” they all were. John’s best friend, his brother, Tamara’s mother and her father all shared stories and songs (yes, songs) that showed how non-traditional and edgy they all were. Not to mention the crazy conversation I had with Tammy’s brother about the best Death Metal festivals in the US and Europe.

But the best part of it all, is that they all embraced their weirdness. And they made me feel like I didn’t have to hide mine, for once. And that, my weird friends… was pretty awesome.




Venue: The Alger House

Band/DJ: The Rhythm Dogs

Carole Cohen Photography on Borrowed & Blue