I got called to shoot Sasha and Constantin’s wedding at City Hall Park last minute. And when I say last minute, I mean 2 days before.

I will spare you the details about how my brand new camera broke down for no reason (THAT is why you have backup equipment) and how the ceremony location changed last minute without me knowing about it because the groom, who was the only one who had my phone number, had lost his cell.

All that matters is that the wedding turned out beautifully. The ceremony was heartfelt, the couple was so much in love, and Sasha’s dress was breathtaking. They took us around downtown in an old school trolley, we stopped in an Italian restaurant for a great dinner, and we finished the night, just the 3 of us, walking around the East Village and drinking vodka in tea cups at the Backroom.

Shooting Sasha and Constantin’s wedding at City Hall Park really felt like I was hanging out with friends. They opened up to me and shared personal stories, and I remember that I did too. They had a seat for me at the restaurant, and I toasted with them during the reception.

I went home with the feeling that I had just spent a really fun night out with friends, with a couple of memory cards full of awesome memories.

-Shot for Guy Heart Photography-


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