Welcome here! This website is my online home, and every single picture you will see is nothing short of a piece of my heart.

I am Carole, a Parisian transplant and photo nerd who fell in love with wedding photography and never looked back.

With Carole Cohen Photography, I cater to the offbeat bride and alternative couples with candid and artistic wedding photography. I am based in Brooklyn, New York, and am available for weddings in France and London at no extra cost. And wherever else your wedding is going to be, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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A few things about me: 

-I used to be a beauty retoucher and although it gave me the opportunity to learn everything I know today about Photoshop (and retouch a bunch of really famous faces!), I don’t miss the fashion world. At all.

-I got married wearing a long black dress.

-I have a serious sweet tooth. Finishing dinner without dessert makes no sense in my world.

-I would own hundreds of cats if I didn’t have self-control.

-Cheese and dark chocolate are part of my daily diet.

-I probably saw all the horror/scary movies on Netflix (and maybe in the whole world, but that’s a bold statement).

-I tear up at every wedding I shoot.

-The only film camera I really like to shoot with is my grand father’s old Canon. He found it on the back seat of his cab in Paris in 1969. He never found its owner so he gave it to my father, who later gave it to me. But recently, I fell in love with the Canon EE-17, a half-frame camera that takes adorable little photographs


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Carole Cohen Photography