Best of 2018

I can’t believe I have never even thought about posting my “Best Of” at the end of wedding season. Here is my very first one (and mark my words, in 2038 I will still be going at it).

This year was a changing one. I launched my business in France and started seriously booking weddings in Europe. Soon after, I realized I didn’t want to leave the American wedding market behind and spend my life on planes. Things got confusing from there, and still are a bit today.

Although I am unsure of my future (geographically speaking), looking back at all the weddings I shot this year has been a lot of fun. I can’t even count how many hugs I gave and was given and how many times my eardrums hurt from being too close to a speaker. I went through two pairs of shoes, broke one light stand, lost one charger and went mirrorless. I tripped in a church in front of everyone, and I bought flip-flops for a bride who couldn’t walk anymore. I also made some friends and made one small mistake that will haunt me forever. I met hundreds of people, and shot over 70000 photos. I made 30 couples happy, and I got emotional 30 times.

All in all, this wedding year was just like anybody’s year; it made me grow and feel all sorts of feelings, and went by in a flash. Here is a short recap of 2018’s weddings. There is NO WAY to capture the essence of it all in a few images, but I’ll do my best.

Come at me 2019! I am ready for you.

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