I promised myself that I would do a Best Of every year, and this is the second one. So far so good, I am keeping my own promise (we’ll see about that in 2027).

I have no idea what my prospective or future clients expect to see in a post like this, so I did it mostly for myself. And as usual, I improvised on the way, instinctively picking my best wedding photos of 2019 -whatever that really means- while scrolling through ALL my galleries (it took me two evenings, guys). Some of those pictures reminded me of something that inspired me, like that gorgeous bouquet from the Flower Witch at Freehold, in Brooklyn. Some reminded me of a moment that made me chuckle, like the boys getting ready together in a chateau in France, laughing in their underwear.

2019 was a rough year and I was pushed to my limits many times, but looking through all the weddings that made me feel happy one way or another was therapeutic. I’ll make sure to remind myself to do this every January, if not for you, at least for me. Just like any relationship, sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we fell in love with the path we picked.

So to all the people – couples, guests, planners, florists, caterers- who made 2019 the great year that it was, thank you! And happy near year to all of you out there.


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