Stefan and Trace at Arrow Park

Arrow Park wedding

Stefan and Trace had a lovely Arrow Park wedding, despite the rain.

The couple wanted to keep things as low key and organic as possible. Their first look was a very simple and lovely moment, followed by a stroll with pretty umbrellas around the beautiful property (yay for wedding props! We, photographers, LOVE to play around with umbrellas).

The rain stopped right on time for the ceremony, which was held outside, and started again once we were done. Talk about perfect timing.

The night was full of dancing, stamp tattooing and polaroids. The band lit the dance floor on fire (figuratively of course) and everybody danced until the end of the night.

It was a truly amazing wedding, full of love and fun. Congrats to the newlyweds!


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New Orleans

So we went to New Orleans, again, and this time  I was married and I traded my A1 for my digital camera. Those are two details of the same level of importance.


We stayed in a beautiful place in the Bywater area that has its own backyard and its very own slug (tropical weather indeed) and we got to enjoy local places like Satsuma Cafe and their delicious raw juices, and Elizabeth’s and their awesome biscuits and gravy. And even though it was pouring rain most of the time, we walked, and danced, drank and ate, and listened to as much jazz and brass music as our 76 hours there allowed us to.

The weather took us on a wild ride and those hand grenade things are definitely disgusting. But Marigny and the Bywater really stole my heart and I loved how mellow and tropical everything felt. New Orleans is the perfect opposite of New York, and after months in the concrete jungle and the stuffy subway cars it is nothing short of the greatest escape.


Who wants to bet that I’ll be back in New Orleans before 2015?


new-orleans-self-portraitnew-orleans-photography-dogsnew-orleans-mississippi-rivernew-orleans-engagementnew-orleans-busking new-orleans-photography-scenery new-orleans-photography-portrait new-orleans-voodoo new-orleans-misc new-orleans-kitty new-orleans-festival-jazznew-orleans-festival new-orleans-spotted-catnew-orleans-dance-1 new-orleans-dance-3 new-orleans-dance-2new-orleans-photography-jazznew-orleans-nightlifenew-orleans-photography-catsNew Orleans jazz, New Orleans holidays


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