Mitra, Peter, and the fluffy ring bearer – a wedding at the Central Park Botanical Garden

The first few days of a year are always the coldest. They made it that way, so we are forced to stay home in the warmth and think about the year that passed, and the year to come.

I am not a nostalgic person, and I believe that looking back too much and too long can distract us from focusing on what is ahead. Looking at 2013 should only be to boost yourself, and, maybe, if you are that kind of person, set goals. When I look at 2013, I see what I accomplished during my first year as an independent working artist. I see my very first full wedding season, I see every bride I shared precious times with, and it is wonderful. But my head is looking straight now. In 2014, I want to shoot twice as many weddings. Make my couples twice as thrilled to chose me as their photographer.

I won’t tell you “May this year bring you joy” like a glittery postcard would, but rather: May your faith in yourself, your enthusiasm, and your positivism, make this year the best it can be. Because we have it within us to accomplish everything, and we are beautiful for that. And to inaugurate the year on my blog, here is the first wedding I shot in 2013: Peter and Mitra (and the baby bump!), a Serbian-American love, in the Central Park Botanical Garden.


 Shot with expired film, Nikon F100

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