Danielle contacted me a short while ago for her elopement in Central Park with Jen and we decided to work together pretty quickly. She sent me a picture of her and Jennifer, filled me up on their story. And I gotta tell you, I feel like I knew them better than most people I meet for the first time. Even if  I never saw them. We never even spoke on the phone. Danielle and Jennifer live in the South, and were coming to NYC to make their union official.


I could not wait to meet them and be a part of their day, because I had the feeling that it was gonna be a short, but really emotional one.


This is an understatement. Jennifer’s reaction upon seeing Danielle for the first time in her wedding dress made me tear up, which is something I don’t do often, not that much at least. And from then on, I don’t remember much more than a bunch of feelings. Hugs were given, vows were exchanged, bubbles were blown and those two ladies were married. Like a guest at a wedding, I immersed myself in their experience, and felt like I was part of their day at a personal level. And I was a bit, when Danielle’s father let me stay next to him, among the small crowd, to get the “good view”.


Danielle and Jennifer, your celebration reminded me why I do my job, and probably will remind friends and readers here on this blog, why to get married. And that’s a pretty awesome achievement.


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Elopement in Central Park with Danielle and Jen
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