So I was hanging out at the Fort Greene Flea Market one morning and stumbled upon a booth filled with awesome film cameras. And the one that caught my attention was the Canon EE-17, a half frame 35mm film camera that takes two photos in one frame.

Being a big fan of coupling photos together, that camera really intrigued me so I bought it, even if I have NEVER liked any of the point and shoot cameras I had used in the past.

I took it with me upstate that same week-end to take a bunch of photos of my pretty friends and the swim holes we were spending our days around. I finished the 72 exposures in a few days, mostly because I was shooting without caution. I did not expect much from it and I wanted to see the results asap, probably before stacking it away with my other point and shoots I never use.

I was not expecting to feel such excitement when I got the negatives back, because I LOVED THEM ALL. The pictures were couples weirdly and perfectly, and told a different story that way. Like a comic strip, but without the funny (for most of them).

I have shot several rolls since that week end, which means I already have hundreds of images stored on my computer. Here are some of my favorite ones.



82965C2-R01-016 copyfilm-photography-half-frame-camera-4


film-photography-half-frame-camera-14film-photography-half-frame-camera-16 film-photography-half-frame-camera-17film-photography-half-frame-camera-1882183C1-R01-029Afilm-photography-half-frame-camera-21



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