I almost never got to meet Kendall and Dan and now that I have shot their intimate wedding, I am so glad we eventually did. Kendall had emailed me while I was in San Diego, computer-free, with nothing but my very limited phone to answer emails (I am switching to an Iphone asap, by the way). She did not mind the typo issues and the limiting access I had to Internet and decided she wanted to meet me anyway. The first obstacle was overcome. However, she could not come meet me in Brooklyn because she had a very young baby and she lived all the way on the East Side of Queens. I had to find time to go there in between wedding shoots and meetings and we had to decide on a date over a month later.

I finally got to meet them both as well as Nia at their home and it all went smoothly from there. Their wedding was really beautiful and intimate, and Nia played a big part of it. Dan was totally emotional which I thought was adorable, and they both wrote their own vows based on friendship and family.

I feel really lucky I got to shoot a wedding with a baby involved. It makes the story so special and interesting, and that’s what weddings are, to me. A one of a kind experience that is real only because the couple involved believed it is.

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