Sue and Tymin’s wedding was so pretty that it made its way in my Feature Wedding section as soon as I had finished editing.

They got married at the gorgeous chinese garden in Snug Harbor, on Staten Island, which was a good reason for me to come to that borough I never get to visit. Well, you must know that a wedding at Snug Harbor is GREAT. You can take a boat, which is fun (and free), and you get the best view on the city. There is so much space on Staten Island that they build this huge park with super cute nooks and details to shoot around.

I am ashamed to say I have no idea how long the park has been there, but I am shooting three weddings this year at the venue and I could not be happier to go back (I also chose to shot¬†Julia and Paul’s super cute engagement photos¬†there).


As far as Sue and Tymin are concerned, well, they were awesome. They were fun, sweet, and stayed chill and relaxed even with such huge families gathered for their celebration.

They also told me I could take some of their beautiful cherry blossoms home, which I did. And let me tell you that it’s not easy to carry two bags full of photo gear while holding a big vase. But I did it, the vase is still on my nightstand even though it has roses in it right now, and Sue and Tymin have printed proofs that their wedding at Snug Harbor was the prettiest of the season.


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