I worked with a lot of offbeat couples in the past few years. I even shot a surprised wedding on my first year, and that was pretty amazing.

But there was something about Will and Jennie that made their wedding completely unique. I think it started when my assistant and I had to figure out why there was so many boutonnières and bouquets, but no bridal party and no instruction. But I think it really came from the mariachi band they hired to guide the party to the reception, the cotton candy they got specifically for the kids along with the balloons instead of flowers, and the fact that they were super pumped to take photos in a cemetery.

Either way, we left with lots of cool memories and the weird feeling that we had not attended a wedding. Will and Jennie’s celebration was a party, with some goofing around in between the tombs and a cool jazz jam with the groom at the end of the night.

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