Best intimate wedding venues in Brooklyn

It is no secret at this point that intimate weddings are my jam. I shoot dozens a year and I even had one myself, and couldn’t have been happier with my choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love big weddings too, and I might even write a blog post about some of my favorite venues in New York to have a big raging dance party. But for now, let’s take a look at some of the quirkiest and cutest venues to have a small celebration with your loved ones.


Naturally Delicious

I discovered this spot last year and I was immediately charmed by its vibe. The restaurant is very cosy and their garden, where you can hold your ceremony and cocktail hour, is absolutely adorable. You can exchange your vows among some of the herbs used in the kitchen and some wild flowers for a colorful touch. It is also located in prime Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn, so you can easily stroll around the neighborhood for some authentic Brooklyn shots in tree lined streets.

naturally delicious wedding


Frankie’s Spuntino

Frankie’s is a famous spot among the wedding world. A few blocks from Naturally Delicious, it manages to have a rustic vibe in the middle of bustling Brooklyn. Frankie’s offers two separate spaces in their backyard, so you can have your ceremony in one and have your sit down dinner right in the other. It has red bricks, vines, and both outdoor spaces are covered so you don’t have to worry about the rain. It is perfect and bullet-proof. A perfect wedding spot for intimate weddings.

frankies spuntino wedding



I have a soft spot for Maison-May because it’s a French restaurant with a true French vibe. As a French person myself, I feel drawn to it, and it almost feels like home over there. Maison-May has a very cute backyard as well, but its strongest asset is the gorgeous interiors. Couples can have their sit-down dinner downstairs in the cosy room with warm lights, and their dance parties upstairs on the gorgeous parlor floor. All original details from the brownstone have been preserved, so for anyone looking for authentic architecture, Maison-May is absolutely perfect.

maison may intimate wedding



Located on the fun part of Atlantic Avenue between cool bars, restaurants and shops (hi Sahadi’s!), Bacchus has all the charms of a French cafĂ©. There is a very cute terrace out front and a gorgeous wood interior, but the strength of Bacchus lays in the back of the building. Their backyard can hold 80 people, which means couples can married under the trees with all their loved ones. It is also located in prime Cobble Hill, so taking pictures in the beautiful tree-tines streets right South of the restaurant is a treat.

intimate wedding venues in brooklyn


Jalopy Theater and School of Music

Its name says it all, the Jalopy is a theater and music space. It has a vintage stage with red velvet curtains and a big skylight for some dramatic, natural light. Couples can have their ceremony on stage, so if you like the idea of being in a play for a few minutes, this is the perfect place to do it (I can totally see myself exchange my vows on that stage, and say them Hamlet-style). The venue has seen many great musicians and artists alike perform and show their work, so it truly transpires with creativity.

best intimate wedding venues in brooklyn


BEST OF 2018

Best of 2018

I can’t believe I have never even thought about posting my “Best Of” at the end of wedding season. Here is my very first one (and mark my words, in 2038 I will still be going at it).

This year was a changing one. I launched my business in France and started seriously booking weddings in Europe. Soon after, I realized I didn’t want to leave the American wedding market behind and spend my life on planes. Things got confusing from there, and still are a bit today.

Although I am unsure of my future (geographically speaking), looking back at all the weddings I shot this year has been a lot of fun. I can’t even count how many hugs I gave and was given and how many times my eardrums hurt from being too close to a speaker. I went through two pairs of shoes, broke one light stand, lost one charger and went mirrorless. I tripped in a church in front of everyone, and I bought flip-flops for a bride who couldn’t walk anymore. I also made some friends and made one small mistake that will haunt me forever. I met hundreds of people, and shot over 70000 photos. I made 30 couples happy, and I got emotional 30 times.

All in all, this wedding year was just like anybody’s year; it made me grow and feel all sorts of feelings, and went by in a flash. Here is a short recap of 2018’s weddings. There is NO WAY to capture the essence of it all in a few images, but I’ll do my best.

Come at me 2019! I am ready for you.

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