Our trip to Tanzania was eventful to say the least; we tore some ligaments,¬†got fish poisoning (that was CRAZY), ended up in Istanbul with nothing but flip-flops in the middle of a snow storm… But we also swam with wild dolphins, saw elephants fight with their tusks, admired countless sunsets over the Indian Ocean and slept in a floating house…

This was also the first time I traveled abroad snapping pictures with nothing but my Iphone 4 and an analog point and shoot. Here are my scans made with my new Canon Demi EE-17, as the previous one died while I was in Paris (like I said, the trip was eventful!). This one has an obvious light leak but I am fine with it. Our trip to Tanzania¬†can’t be more beautiful than it is in my memories!

Stone Town, Zanzibar, TZ.

Nungwi, Zanzibar, TZ.

Paje, Zanzibar, TZ.

Dar Es Salaam, TZ.

Arusha, Killimanjaro Region, TZ.

NgoroNgoro Crater, TZ.

Tarangire Park, TZ.

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And here is a bit of Turkey: the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and its young vendors + the sunset on the peninsula.

tanzania12 tanzania-travel-photography-BLOG-45

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